Reports & Tracking Track which links were clicked on more frequently in your emails

Keep Tabs on Your Subscribers

Email Contact offers an easy-to-use Stats Tracker for analyzing the success of your email newsletters. This valuable tool provides statistics on everything from who opened your emails to which addresses "bounced". Use this information to ensure that your emails are getting the results that you want.

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Reads, Clicks & Bounces

Our Stats Tracker feature allows you to see how each of your emails performs. Every time one of your subscribers opens and reads your email, our Stats Tracker records this information. We tell you who opened it and when. We also keep track of which addresses bounced and why. Even the links you add are trackable. And all of this data is displayed in useful graphs that provide an overview of your email newsletters performance.

Total Reads Check out who opens your emails and when.
Total Clicks Learn what your subscriber are interested in by the links they click on.
Bounces Find out which addresses bounced and why.
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Email Contact is the absolute best e-newsletter service I've ever used (and I've tried others)! As a small business owner, I don't have much time to 'figure out' how to use an email site. I need to write my articles, upload photos, and send it out in about 15 minutes, and Email Contact is so intuitive that I can do just that.
quotation graphic Gail Pierce Owner of Woolylady