Common Questions

Do I need to know any special tricks?

When should I start?

No way! Email Contact is super simple to use. Even with the most basic computer skills, most people can create html email masterpieces with our super easy templates.

What are you waiting for? Start right now. Email Contact guides you through the process in a fun, simple way. In mere minutes, you'll be sending out gorgeous emails, all by yourself.

Do I need any special equipment?

OOOOPS! I changed my mind. Now what?

Well, we think computers are special things, so I guess you do! But that, along with an internet connection and a web browser ( IE 7 or 8 (PC), Firefox 2 or later, Safari 2 or later or Chrome), is ALL you need. Nothing to download or install ever.

Don't worry! We've got your back. Email Contact is a monthly service, which means that you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel any time. If you cancel, you'll only be billed for your current month and no more. It's just that simple.

We also offer a free plan. You can have up to 100 Subscribers, and you can send unlimited emails per month.

Non-Profit Discount

We offer a 20% discount to nonprofits and charities. Sign up for a free account, then send us an email that includes a link to your organization's website.